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Expert B+E trailer training courses in Blackpool

It is a legal requirement to have the B+E trailer training on your license if you tow large trailers, caravans, boats and horse-boxes. In the absence of this, you can risk 9 points on your licence or a £400+ fine. You can come to Bell School of Motoring for excellent training services. We also offer driving lessons. Courses are held over a two to three day period and refresher courses are available. If you are completely new to trailer-towing, we can offer an hour's assessment in advance.


Our B+E training includes:


• Driving on a public highway, including dual carriageways and motorways

• One to one tuition

• Urban and rural driving

• Trailer reversing

• Uncoupling and recoupling

• The braking exercise

• All manouevring exercises are conducted on private land, solely for the use of students

• Free use of vehicle and trailer on the test day

•Test and tuition fees are not payable until three working days before test day

Driving training

On Road: Our intensive on road training will make sure you get rid of all your bad driving habits such as one-handed steering and resting a hand on the gear stick. It also covers trailer-handling, observations, road positioning, planning and awareness, signalling, use of controls, mirrors and speed.


Off Road: This will make you more confident in driving through off-road areas whenever necessary.


Reversing: This training focuses on accuracy, control and overall observation required for a snake reverse into a bay park.


Braking: You will learn controlled stop at 20mph through coned area.

Uncoupling and Recoupling

Here the focus lies on releasing trailer from the vehicle, moving forward and parking alongside before re-attaching the trailer. Accuracy, control and safety are extremely important at this stage.


Complete coverage of training syllabus for the test:

• Everyday usage of trailers and general awareness

• Landrover Discovery and Nissan X-Trail usage

• Williams Box Trailers (single & double axel)

• Complete insurance during training and test

• Fuel provided during training and test

• B+E test is booked on your behalf

Trailer towing regulations

The law requires you to have a category B (car) driving licence for towing any size of trailers or caravans.

Bell School of Motoring serves Blackpool and the West Coast

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Car licences held before 1 January 1997

You can retain your existing license until its expiration. You are permitted to drive a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 8.25 tonnes MAM and a minibus and trailer combination of 750 kilograms MAM.

Car licences obtained after 1 January 1997

You are required to pass an additional driving test to obtain the entitlement of category B+E and other larger vehicles (subject to maximum authorised mass).

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